Announcing Remote Display Analyzer

Remote Display Analyzer

Today Bram Wolfs and I are announcing the general availability of Remote Display Analyzer.

The Remote Display Analyzer project started about 9 months ago when we were working on a presentation called “Citrix HDX Display Codec Deepdive”. The goal for this presentation was to explain the available display codecs and show the impact of each of these codecs on both user experience and resource utilisation.

We quickly found that it wasn’t as easy to configure the HDX policies and just assume for the result to be as configured. We found that often times the resulting configuration was different then what we expected based on the configuration. This has to do with OS versions on the virtual desktop and endpoint as well as the endpoint capabilities.

Analysing the resulting configuration and resource utilisation was both time consuming and complex because this requires several consoles like HDX Monitor, Director, Microsoft Task Manager et cetera. Especially HDX Monitor is very confusing when it comes to viewing the active Display encoder.

To add to our frustration we had to logoff and logon again and again after changing even the smallest of settings.

Citrix HDX Display policies






This is where we finally decided it was time to develop a piece of software ourselves.

Remote Display Analyzer is a lightweight solution to help Citrix administrators with analysing, assessing and troubleshooting Citrix HDX Display protocols. It will give you the information you need when you need it and we have taken extra care to just show you what’s applicable to take away the confusion we found with existing tools.

Remote Display Analyzer Citrix Thinwire H264








For more information about Remote Display Analyzer and how to get it go here.

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