CPU scheduling and memory optimizations solutions compared Part 1 of 2 CPU

Updated: September 22nd 2015

Although it has been a while since I’ve written this article there’s still  a lot of interest in the subject. Pretty much nothing has changed since I released it so it’s was also still valid,  until yesterday. Community hero Andrew Morgan released a long awaited update for ThreadLocker. I’ve updated the Threadlocker part of this article and the conclusion.

If you are reading this you might also be interested in part 2 of the CPU scheduling and memory optimization solutions series.

For a while now customers and colleagues are asking me which tool to use when it comes to CPU scheduling and memory optimizations. We use several management products and end up with more than one product utilizing these tasks. Choice is good but do we just enable them all and if not what’s the best way to configure this?

When you look a little bit deeper then plain and simple marketing you’ll notice that the way the different products handle CPU scheduling is totally different and combining some of them will degrade system performance or simply don’t work for example Citrix CPU management does not start when Microsoft DFSS is enabled.

Before we start I’d like to thank Andrew Morgan for allowing me to re-use some information from his ThreadLocker topic.

To start off I will first try to explain how each product works and will then summarize and see if we can work through them and work to a proper advice.

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Dynamic Fair Share Scheduling (DFSS)

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ThinScale ThinIO “at first glance”

ThinScale ThinIO

Today, may 5th 2014 Andy Morgan, Chief Coding Monkey of ThinScale technology, officially introduced a new software solution named ThinScale ThinIO. Over the last two years Andy has shown me several steps in the process eventually leading up to the release of ThinIO.

Without taking any credit for Andy’s work I’m proud to have witnessed and been part of the discussion that got Andy thinking and enthusiastic for this project.

At least every month vendors contact me and pitch their new solutions or a new version. It only happens once so often that I’m immediately intrigued by a product and that certainly happened when Andy showed me ThinIO. To be honest, in the last year this only happened when I was shown the Nutanix solution and the RES IT Store.

 So what is ThinScale ThinIO?

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