RES Workspace Manager Enterprise readiness

Up to now we have seen a lot of debate about the RES Workspace Manager enterprise readiness especially in regard to AppSense Environment Manager. In a couple of rare cases I agreed with the statements made but most of time I did not.

Without going into the details and start the discussion all over again I would like to focus on the changes in RES Workspace Manager 2012 and why I think Workspace Manager is now truly enterprise ready for all use cases.

One of the new features that comes with RES Workspace Manager is the addition of a new component called “Relay Server”.

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Departmental application with RES Automation Manager

When working in Enterprise or even multi tenancy environments we would still like to maintain a single image for our entire infrastructure. This will ensure a lower TCO and have a simple and easy to use platform to maintain. Departmental application with RES Automation Manager.

When we started working on our cloud desktop offering the “Qwise Nebula Worqspace” over a year ago we ran into issues with applications that don’t like App-V but were very keen on managing only one Provisioning Services image . As we were already working with RES Automation Manager the first thing to look at was the functionality offered by RES Automation Manager (AM) and we found a solution for this! I will tell you how and when this helps in this article!

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RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer results usable as building block for Workspace Manager?

In my first post about the RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer (BDA), click here, I described when and how to use the RES BDA solution. After posting the article I discussed this with Kees Baggerman, one of the RES RSVP’s. We were wondering if the BDA desktop sampler is the same software as the Desktop Sampler that comes with RES Workspace Manager, and therefore collects the same data.

This is interesting because I think  that when you use the RES BDA you will also at least try RES Workspace Manager. If you were in doubt about using Workspace Manager before, the new free Express version will definitely convince you. This new free version has limited, but still very useful functionality and is unlimited in the amount of users.

We concluded that all the collected data for an import in Workspace Manager is available and I will now show you how to use it!

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RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer Our Experiences

RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer (BDA) is a free and easy to use RES product which was released well over a month ago during Citrix Synergy. It will run in the background of a user session and collects data like application usage, printers, hardware, location etc etc. For more information click here.

Use Case

For a large retailer in the Netherlands we are working on a Citrix XenDesktop based VDI solution where we are also implementing RES Workspace Manager.

When we started on this project we received an application inventory but during the project nobody was really sure if this was a complete list. We also needed a printer inventory.

We needed a quick solution that wouldn’t just scan for executables on old FAT clients, we needed to know which applications are actually in use, how many times they are used and by which user group. This is why we ended up with RES BDA.

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RES Software – a newcomer on my blog

RES Software

Because I really like RES Software products and enjoy designing and implementing them I will start blogging about Workspace Manager and Automation Manager.


RES Software

Because I have a lot of experience with RES products in Enterprise and multi tenancy environments, like the Qwise Nebula Worqspace, my blog posts will be mainly focused on my experience with RES products in environments like this.

Watch my blog for my first RES related post about using the RES Software Base Desktop Analyzer! It all starts with a good inventory anyway!