ThinScale ThinIO “at first glance”

ThinScale ThinIO

Today, may 5th 2014 Andy Morgan, Chief Coding Monkey of ThinScale technology, officially introduced a new software solution named ThinScale ThinIO. Over the last two years Andy has shown me several steps in the process eventually leading up to the release of ThinIO.

Without taking any credit for Andy’s work I’m proud to have witnessed and been part of the discussion that got Andy thinking and enthusiastic for this project.

At least every month vendors contact me and pitch their new solutions or a new version. It only happens once so often that I’m immediately intrigued by a product and that certainly happened when Andy showed me ThinIO. To be honest, in the last year this only happened when I was shown the Nutanix solution and the RES IT Store.

 So what is ThinScale ThinIO?

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