Citrix NetScaler 10.x java applet hangs while starting

Citrix NetScaler 10.x java applet hangs while starting

I’m verry happy to announce that since the 10.1 build 122.11 all is fine again and there is no need to change Java settings. If you are not able to upgrade right now please continue reading.

Normally I’m not all that in to short articles about fixing bugs but this one is nagging so many people I couldn’t resist in jumping in.

Some time ago I started running into issues with the Citrix NetScaler Java applets build in to the GUI. I ignored it for a while because I’d always had my own laptop with me that worked every single time . So here I was thinking I was so smart because I had the only working system in the world……. But then one day it just stopped working, it would load the applet up to 1% and then froze.

After countless hours of troubleshooting I finally gave up and went to Google to notice I of course wasn’t the only one having problems. The fact is that none of the threads on the Citrix support forums ended up in a completely working solution until I started combining them.

So here’s the fix!

Open up the Windows Control Panel and start the Java Control panel.

Now go to General -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings and Unselect Keep temporary files on my computer.

Now go to General -> Advanced and configure the following options
“Mixed code (sandboxed vs trusted) security verification” = “Disable verification”
“Perform certificate revocation checks on” = “Do not check”

I hope this was of help! Please use the comments sections for your questions.


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About Barry Schiffer

Barry is an IT Architect with 15 years of IT experience. He has gained both a broad and deep knowledge in the sphere of IT. Throughout the years, Barry has developed into a specialist in the field of Microsoft Windows, Server Based Computing, desktop and server virtualisation.Barry is co-founder and member of the Board of the Dutch Citrix User Group.Barry is awarded with the Citrix Technology Professional award in 2015 and received the RES Software Valued Professional award in 2012.

13 Responses to Citrix NetScaler 10.x java applet hangs while starting

  1. Prince Cassius says:

    Fantastic tip man…thanks!

  2. Hi Barry,

    Great tip, thanks!
    For your information the security level can be lowered for only the NetScaler (instead of globally). Details can be read here:



  3. Luke. says:

    awesome. worked for me windows 8 x6e NS10.1 build

  4. Jeff Fowels says:

    Thank you very much work like a treat

  5. sadasds says:

    Worked for me.
    Win7, running netscaler on IE11

  6. Blake says:

    Thank you! Worked for me on win7 NS10.0 build 76.7
    IE, Chrome, Firefox

  7. Hans says:

    Works fine, thank you!!!

    WIndows 7 x64
    Firefox and IE 11
    Java 7 u51

  8. dirk says:

    It works fine,

  9. Sandeep Gupta says:

    It work fine on Windows 7 32 Bit OS. Don’t waste time fixing this issue on 64 Bit OS.

  10. Jeroen says:

    I had the same issue, for me it started working after I disabled the next generation Java plugin setting on the advanced page of the Java control panel applet.

  11. Mradios says:

    Is not working for me. I am running Java 8 update 38. Using IE 10
    when I try to force failover the Netscaler, is showing downloading Applet and stuck on 1% and after while I am getting the” Java applet can not be loaded”.
    I checked the Java Console —–> Advance and not able to see the line for
    “disabled the next generation Java plugin”

    1- I am running IE 10 on Windows 2012 R2 in order to access the NetScaler (NSVPX-ESX-10.1-119.7).

  12. jbeale213 says:

    Thanks!! This worked for me

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