Citrix NetScaler documentation script – Release Notes

Version 4.0 released August 2017

New Script Features

  •  The script is now fully compatible with NetScaler 12.0 released in july 2017
  •  Fixed NetScaler SSL connections
  • Added SAML Authentication policies
  • Updated GSLB Parameters to include late 11.1 build enhancements
  • Added Support for NetScaler Clustering
  • Added AppExpert
    • Pattern Sets
    • HTTP Callouts
    • Data Sets
  • Numerous bug fixes

Version 3.5 released August 2016

After the release of version 3.0 in May 2016, which was a major overhaul of the NetScaler documentation script we found a few issues which have been fixed in the update.

New Script Features

  •  The script is now fully compatible with NetScaler 11.1 released in july 2016
  •  Added NetScaler 11.1 Features, LSN / RDP Proxy / REP
  • Added Auditing Section
  • Added GSLB Section, vServer / Services / Sites
  • Added Locations Database section to support GSLB configuration using Static proximity
  • Added additional DNS Records to the NetScaler DNS Section
  • Added RPC Nodes section
  • Added NetScaler SSL Chapter, moved existing functionality and added detailed information
  • Added AppFW Profiles and Policies
  • Added AAA vServers

Added NetScaler Gateway functionality

  • Updated NSGW Global Settings Client Experience to include new parameters
  • Updated NSGW Global Settings Published Applications to include new parameters
  • Added Section NSGW “Global Settings AAA Parameters”
  • Added SSL Parameters section for NSGW Virtual Servers
  • Added Rewrite Policies section for each NSGW vServer
  • Updated CAG vServer basic configuration section to include new parameters
  • Updated NetScaler Gateway Session Action > Security to include new attributed
  • Added Section NetScaler Gateway Session Action > Client Experience
  • Added Section NetScaler Gateway Policies > NetScaler Gateway AlwaysON Policies
  • Added NSGW Bookmarks
  • Added NSGW Intranet IP’s
  • Added NSGW Intranet Applications
  • Added NSGW SSL Ciphers

Version 3.0 released on May 24 2016

New Script Features

  • Uses Nitro API to connect to NetScaler instead of ns.conf
  • Microsoft Office 2016 support
  • NetScaler 11.0 support
  • Documents hardware revision
  • Documents NetScaler Edition
  • Documents SSL Certificates, including expiry date
  • Shows all policies, including default
  • Shows all routes, including default
  • Shows all monitors, including default

Version 2.5 released on November 21st 2014

New Script Features

  • Citrix NetScaler Admin Partitions
  • Monitors: Added Sitepath. Thanks to Rohland who supplied me ready to go adjustments

Version 2 released on July 21st 2014


  • Test group has grown from 5 to 20 people. A lot more testing on a lot more configs has been done. The result is that I’ve received a lot of nitty gritty bugs that are now solved. To many to list them all but this release is very very stable.

New Script Features

  • New table function that now utilizes native word tables. Looks a lot better and is way faster
  • Performance improvements; over 500% faster
  • Better support for multi language Word versions. Will now always utilize cover page and TOC

New NetScaler functionality:

  • NetScaler Gateway
    • Global Settings
    • Virtual Servers settings and policies
    • Policies Session/Traffic
  • NetScaler administration users and groups
  • NetScaler Authentication
  • Policies LDAP / Radius
  • Actions Local / RADIUS
  • Action LDAP more configuration reported and changed table layout
  • NetScaler Networking
  • Channels
  • ACL
  • NetScaler Cache redirection


  • Naming of items with spaces and quotes fixed
  • Expressions with spaces, quotes, dashes and slashed fixed
  • Grammatical corrections
  • Rechecked all settings like enabled/disabled or on/off and corrected when necessary
  • Time zone not show correctly when in GMT+….
  • A lot more small items

Version 1 released on may 15th 2014:

  • NetScaler System Information
    • Version / NSIP / vLAN
  • NetScaler Global Settings
  • NetScaler Feature and mode state
  • NetScaler Networking
    • IP Address / vLAN / Routing Table / DNS
  • NetScaler Authentication
    • Local / LDAP
  • NetScaler Traffic Domain
    • Assigned Content Switch / Load Balancer / Service  / Server
  • NetScaler Monitoring
  • NetScaler Certificate
  • NetScaler Content Switches
    • Assigned Load Balancer / Service  / Server
  • NetScaler Load Balancer
    • Assigned Service  / Server
  • NetScaler Service
    • Assigned Server / monitor
  • NetScaler Service Group
    • Assigned Server / monitor
  • NetScaler Server
  • NetScaler Custom Monitor
  • NetScaler Policy
  • NetScaler Action
  • NetScaler Profile

9 Responses to Citrix NetScaler documentation script – Release Notes

  1. Craig Stones says:

    Hi Barry,

    Great script, saves a hell of a lot of time to document the NetScaler solution.
    I noticed it doesn’t pick up local user accounts on the Netscaler, is this something your looking at ?

    anyway great Job keep up the great work.

  2. Rob Treweek says:

    Hi Barry,

    Is GLSB setting going to be added to any future releases.

    Other than that, this is a fantastically useful script.

  3. Rob Treweek says:

    I haven’t provided any ADNS configuration but this is core bits of a GSLB set-up..

    add ns ip -type GSLBsiteIP -vServer DISABLED -telnet DISABLED -ftp DISABLED -gui DISABLED -snmp DISABLED -mgmtAccess ENABLED

    add gslb vserver SSL -lbMethod ROUNDROBIN -backupLBMethod NONE -tolerance 0 -appflowLog DISABLED
    add gslb vserver SSL -lbMethod ROUNDROBIN -backupLBMethod NONE -tolerance 0 -appflowLog DISABLED
    set gslb vserver -backupVServer -lbMethod ROUNDROBIN -backupLBMethod NONE -tolerance 0 -appflowLog DISABLED
    set gslb vserver -lbMethod ROUNDROBIN -backupLBMethod NONE -tolerance 0 -appflowLog DISABLED

    add gslb site Poole -publicIP
    add gslb site Bournemouth -publicIP

    add gslb service SSL 443 -publicIP -publicPort 443 -maxClient 0 -siteName Poole -cltTimeout 180 -svrTimeout 360 -downStateFlush DISABLED
    add gslb service SSL 443 -publicIP -publicPort 443 -maxClient 0 -siteName Bournemouth -cltTimeout 180 -svrTimeout 360 -downStateFlush DISABLED

    bind gslb vserver -serviceName
    bind gslb vserver -serviceName
    bind gslb vserver -domainName -TTL 5

    add lb monitor monitor_GoogleDNS_ping PING -LRTM ENABLED -destIP

    set ssl service -ssl3 DISABLED -tls11 DISABLED -tls12 DISABLED

    bind gslb service -monitorName monitor_GoogleDNS_ping
    bind gslb service -monitorName monitor_GoogleDNS_ping

    set ssl vserver -ssl3 DISABLED -tls11 DISABLED -tls12 DISABLED
    set ssl vserver -tls11 DISABLED -tls12 DISABLED

    bind ssl vserver -eccCurveName P_256
    bind ssl vserver -eccCurveName P_384
    bind ssl vserver -eccCurveName P_224
    bind ssl vserver -eccCurveName P_521
    bind ssl vserver -eccCurveName P_256
    bind ssl vserver -eccCurveName P_384
    bind ssl vserver -eccCurveName P_224
    bind ssl vserver -eccCurveName P_521

  4. corey tracey says:

    Hi Barry.

    Can you add the special parameter details for an HTTP-ECV monitor?

  5. Obinna Nwamarah says:

    Hi Barry, Where can i download ver3.5 of the script please.

  6. krishan kumar says:

    Hi Barry,
    Getting the below error while running the scripts, please help…

    Invoke-RestMethod : {“errorcode”:-1,”message”:”Content type doesn’t match the resource
    At C:\temp\netscaler\Citrix_ADC_Script_v4_1_Unsigned.ps1:2866 char:25
    + $restResponse = Invoke-RestMethod @invokeRestMethodParams;
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (System.Net.HttpWebRequest:HttpWebRequest) [Invoke-RestMetho
    d], WebException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : WebCmdletWebResponseException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.InvokeRestMethodCo

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