Citrix NetScaler Documentation Script – Team

Citrix NetScaler Documentation Script Team

The Citrix NetScaler documentation script wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for a great team of people helping me out in creating some rather specific PowerShell functions and amazing group of testers.

Special thanks go out to two guys who invested a lot of time in this script and without them it literally wouldn’t exist.

  • Iain Brighton: Created all of the Get-StringProperty like functions for V1 and V2 and all of the PowerShell Nitro modules to connect to the Nitro API!
    These aren’t native PowerShell functions but all created by Iain. Without these functions it wouldn’t be as detailed as it is now.
  • Carl Webster: For his amazing PowerShell documentation framework and the dedication for these projects. He literally runs night shifts to go through issues with specific Office versions or Multi Language installations.
  • Andy McCullough: Andy missed out on features like GSLB, DNS Sections RPC and detailed information for features that were already in the script. Aside from just requesting the features he actually build them and send his work over to me to make it part of the script. In the meantime he also fixed some bugs he found. Great work and great to have him join us in our quest for the ultimate NetScaler documentation script.

A big shout out to the test group:

  •  Henrik Johansson: the yoda of expressions, lots of issues with expressions fixed
  • Sam Jacobs: Many many many test results
  • John Billekens: Lots of detailed reports
  • Robert Steeghs: Channel troubleshooting
  • Erik Spicer
  • Neil Spellings
  • Julien Stanojevic
  • Kees Baggerman
  • Matthijs van den Berg
  • Timco Hazelaar
  • Jarian Gibson
  • Simon Barnes
  • Patrick Braam
  • Rohland J
  • Mike Nelson
  • Vincent Alberti

If i forgot to add you to the list please let me know, I’ll be happy to have you on the list!

6 Responses to Citrix NetScaler Documentation Script – Team

  1. Stefen Wright says:

    I jumping in a big way on this.
    Please send me all reporting power shell scripts for my review.
    I already see how you connect to the ns in a short review. I figure if you can send & add me to the groups, in 4 weeks will start sending adjustments / enhancements


  2. Guys…great work on this script! I love it! Can you offer any insight as to when Word 2016 support will be added into the script?

  3. Word 2016 is now supported.

  4. Saman Salehian says:

    I have problem running the script against NS 11.1 and it is failing on line 2725 ($restResponse = Invoke-RestMethod @invokeRestMethodParams;) as it tries to connect to /nitro/v1/config/login

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