Citrix HDX 3D Pro and Nvidia Grid Browser experience

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working closely with Rachel Berry (Citrix) and Jason Southern (Nvidia) on some unexpected web browser behavior with web browsers on Nvidia grid enhanced VDI and RDS virtual machines running Citrix HDX 3D Pro. This work has resulted in a new support article from Citrix CTX202065.

In this article I’ll go a bit more in depth to explain our findings and hopefully help you to get better performance from web browsers but also give you some technical detail for situations where other applications may not perform as well as one would expect.

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How to Raspberry Pi, Johnny five and Octoblu

Citrix Synergy 2015 was the first time I looked in to a product called Octoblu which has been part of the Citrix family since december 2014. Octoblu is best explained as an Internet of Things integration platform or as they say it

Our original mission was to connect everything to everything (people, systems, and things)

Of course we have seen other IoT workflow platforms like IFTTT(If This Then That) but all these platform have a consumer focus and lack context. What we need is a platform that can do If This And This Or This and et cetera then that, that and that et cetera.

After playing around with some basic workflows on Octoblu I decided it was time to start a project including the Raspberry Pi and some sensors. Although not that hard in the end I found it challenging to get it all running. This guide will show you how to spin up a new Raspberry Pi, create your first led on and led off Johnny Five script and connect the Raspberry Pi to Octoblu as an Octoblu Gateway.

Starter kit

There are multiple starter kits available online for the Raspberry Pi, I ordered one from Kiwi Electronics in the Netherlands. As shown below it includes a breadboard, some leds and switches. I also ordered a Temperature/Humidity sensor, although there are some cheaper ones available I decided to order a digital pre soldered DHT22 model.

Raspberry Pi 2 Octoblu Starter Kit


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How to recover an Apple Watch stuck in a crash reboot loop

Apple WatchIn this article I will describe how to recover an Apple Watch that’s stuck in a crash and reboot loop and why you really should always have the passcode functionality enabled. Let me start by explaining why this is an issue. The Apple watch has two buttons, just like an Apple iPhone, you can use these buttons to hard restart (reset) your Apple Watch. Unfortunately the Apple Watch does not come with a Recovery Mode (DFU) like the iPhone does, although some early jailbreakers might prove me wrong but I wasn’t able to find any public information and I would still need a cable for the maintenance port which I don’t have.




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Citrix Technology Professional Award!

Citrix Technology Professional logoCitrix Technology Professional Award!

I’am extremely honored and proud to have received this award and to be part of a group of some of the worlds smartest people in the End User Compute and Virtualization industry. This is the result of years of hard work and community contributions.

For me receiving this award wouldn’t be possible without my employer SLTN Inter Access who facilitates me in doing what I do and my friends of the Dutch Citrix User Group community. Continue reading

Citrix NetScaler documentation script version 2.5

Citrix NetScaler documentation script version 2.5

Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway MPX

Citrix NetScaler


The Citrix NetScaler documentation script version 2.5 has been a huge success from the moment Carl announced it during Citrix Synergy last may. The script has been downloaded over 4.500 times already and we still see a daily demand for it. I’ve also received a huge amount of response with new ideas or just a basic thank you. This release is just a small update with some new functionality and bugfixes. In the next weeks i’ll release another update which is focussed on getting the script on par with Carl Webster his latest templates.

Before I start with explaining what has changed I want to point out that, although I started this script, this truly has been a team effort. The script wouldn’t have been this great if it wasn’t for Carl Webster and Iain Brighton. Webster developed an amazing PowerShell template to get started with documenting and outputting to Microsoft Word. Iain has written all of the functions I use in the script to make sure I’m getting all the values out in a way it’s readable.

Please have a look at the team page to see a list of everyone who helped me develop and test the script.

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