RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer results usable as building block for Workspace Manager?

In my first post about the RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer (BDA), click here, I described when and how to use the RES BDA solution. After posting the article I discussed this with Kees Baggerman, one of the RES RSVP’s. We were wondering if the BDA desktop sampler is the same software as the Desktop Sampler that comes with RES Workspace Manager, and therefore collects the same data.

This is interesting because I think  that when you use the RES BDA you will also at least try RES Workspace Manager. If you were in doubt about using Workspace Manager before, the new free Express version will definitely convince you. This new free version has limited, but still very useful functionality and is unlimited in the amount of users.

We concluded that all the collected data for an import in Workspace Manager is available and I will now show you how to use it!

For obvious reasons it seems logical that both the desktop sampler for BDA and Workspace Manager is the same software but I couldn’t find any information about it. The fun thing is it’s not even important as long as it collects the same data. To find out if we can use the sampled data for the BDA reports as an actual import for RES Workspace Manager I again asked my colleague Rene van der Linden to take the earlier collected data for a test spin in Workspace Manager!

How to do it

The first simple step is to open the Workspace Manager console and open the Workspace Designer Wizard.


Now we can start with selecting what we will be importing in Workspace Manager.


Now that Workspace Manager knows what we will be importing it needs to know where to import it from, so we need to select our DTS packages. Note that these are the same DTS packages we used for the Base Desktop Analyzer.


After processing the Workspace Designer shows the collected data.


Now that we have the collected data we can select which items to import. When working with for example drives it will even show the AD groups used for authorization to access the drive mappings and imports that as well!

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