RES HyperDrive – how to reboot your appliance

RES HyperDrive 1

As you might have noticed in my latest blogs I have been doing some work on RES-HyperDrive. One of the biggest shortcomings, forgive me if it’s just me, is finding a simple “reboot” button.

A simple solution would be to use the VMware integration tools and reboot the system in vCenter but this option is greyed out, probably no or faulty VMware tools installation on the RES HyperDrive appliance. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot this and don’t want to lose support because of installing or fixing the tools on the RES HyperDrive appliance.

What I decided to do is to create a simple RES Automation Manager task which is going to run a Unix script with nothing but the command “reboot”. As the RES HyperDrive appliance is by default registered with a Linux agent within RES Automation Manager this gives us the option to send tasks just like the earlier created reboot task to the appliance. Just try it it’s pretty easy!

The building block is attached to this post for the lazy admins out there but I hope you are all smart enough to create the task without any help from me.

If this was of any help I recommend you to read another HyperDrive article I wrote “RES Hyperdrive secure those admin pages” because this one is really something you don’t want to skip!


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