How to recover an Apple Watch stuck in a crash reboot loop

Apple WatchIn this article I will describe how to recover an Apple Watch that’s stuck in a crash and reboot loop and why you really should always have the passcode functionality enabled. Let me start by explaining why this is an issue. The Apple watch has two buttons, just like an Apple iPhone, you can use these buttons to hard restart (reset) your Apple Watch. Unfortunately the Apple Watch does not come with a Recovery Mode (DFU) like the iPhone does, although some early jailbreakers might prove me wrong but I wasn’t able to find any public information and I would still need a cable for the maintenance port which I don’t have.




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Apple OSX Mavericks Mail slow and memory consuming

If you are like me and you have been using Apple OSX for a while you might notice that the Mail application has the tendency to slow down after a while. Since Mavericks OSX Mail it also consumes a huge amount of memory.

After searching on the Apple support forum I finally found a solution that solved most of my memory usage and performance issues with Mail.

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