RES Automation Manager Building Block – Create and configure Active Directory domains

The RES Automation Manager Active Directory Building Block consists of two modules. The first module will configure the server in a new domain in a new forest where the second module will add a server to a already existing domain. Remember to first install prerequisites like DNS before executing these jobs.

To automatically configure Active Directory we need to call an answer file while executing dcpromo.exe. This answer file is just a text file which I like to create dynamically so I can use this modules in a multi tenancy environment. To do this we just run some Powershell echo’s to a text file based on global variables and parameters.

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RES Automation Manager Windows Roles and Features building block

RES Automation Manager Windows Roles and Features Building Block

For a customer I am  working on where we are automating the complete infrastructure we obviously started with the Operating System deployment and all of the Roles and Features Windows has to offer. Because I don’t want to spend any time reinventing the wheel I googeled for a RES Automation Manager Windows roles and features Building Block so I can simply import it and start with that. What amazes me is that I wasn’t able to find anything at all on installing the Windows Roled and Features from within RES Automation Manager.

So what’s the logical solution……. I have to create it myself and the reason you are reading this is that you are looking for it to just like me, Just for you i decided to share it! Just click on the link, extract it and import it modules_windows 2008 r2.

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Departmental application with RES Automation Manager

When working in Enterprise or even multi tenancy environments we would still like to maintain a single image for our entire infrastructure. This will ensure a lower TCO and have a simple and easy to use platform to maintain. Departmental application with RES Automation Manager.

When we started working on our cloud desktop offering the “Qwise Nebula Worqspace” over a year ago we ran into issues with applications that don’t like App-V but were very keen on managing only one Provisioning Services image . As we were already working with RES Automation Manager the first thing to look at was the functionality offered by RES Automation Manager (AM) and we found a solution for this! I will tell you how and when this helps in this article!

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RES Software – a newcomer on my blog

RES Software

Because I really like RES Software products and enjoy designing and implementing them I will start blogging about Workspace Manager and Automation Manager.


RES Software

Because I have a lot of experience with RES products in Enterprise and multi tenancy environments, like the Qwise Nebula Worqspace, my blog posts will be mainly focused on my experience with RES products in environments like this.

Watch my blog for my first RES related post about using the RES Software Base Desktop Analyzer! It all starts with a good inventory anyway!