Citrix NetScaler Documentation script version 1

Citrix NetScaler documentation script version 1

The Citrix NetScaler platform offers a huge amount of features and a massive amount of configuration possibilities. The flexibility that this gives us also introduces complexity, especially since you configure a service on a Citrix NetScaler once and changes are made only every so often. The starting point for reducing complexity is having a complete and up to date configuration document.

In my experience with customers, especially in enterprise environments, is that documentation is never completely accurate. Even if it would be accurate, what is configured when no configuration is made? Is the default, non-configured setting Enabled or Disabled?

Announcement – Citrix NetScaler documentation script

Today, I’m proud to bring you the Citrix NetScaler documentation script. The script will be released in a joint venture with Carl Webster and is part of his already amazing collection of documentation scripts.

The Citrix NetScaler documentation script wouldn’t be as stable, readable and fast if it wasn’t for Iain Brighton. Iain has been of great help creating functions and performance enhancements in the last few weeks.

If you want to know more keep on reading and I’ll show what we’ve done and how to get the script.

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Citrix NetScaler Traffic Domains ins and outs

Citrix NetScaler Traffic Domains are a way of segmenting network traffic for different applications or even tenants. You are able to use a traffic domain to create fully isolated network environments on a single NetScaler instance. An instance is a single appliance or a HA setup of two appliances.

Citrix NetScaler Traffic Domains were introduced with NetScaler 10.0. At first NetScaler Traffic Domains started as a somewhat hidden feature which you could only configure by CLI. As of version 10.1 Traffic Domains are fully configurable in the NetScaler GUI which makes it a lot simpler to use.

In a way NetScaler Traffic Domains could compete with the NetScaler SDX platform. With Traffic Domains we segment networks on a single NetScaler instance instead of the SDX where we create a virtual appliance per network segment.

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Citrix NetScaler 10.x java applet hangs while starting

Citrix NetScaler 10.x java applet hangs while starting

I’m verry happy to announce that since the 10.1 build 122.11 all is fine again and there is no need to change Java settings. If you are not able to upgrade right now please continue reading.

Normally I’m not all that in to short articles about fixing bugs but this one is nagging so many people I couldn’t resist in jumping in.

Some time ago I started running into issues with the Citrix NetScaler Java applets build in to the GUI. I ignored it for a while because I’d always had my own laptop with me that worked every single time . So here I was thinking I was so smart because I had the only working system in the world……. But then one day it just stopped working, it would load the applet up to 1% and then froze.

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Citrix NetScaler sizing guide

NetScaler Sizing Guide intro

About a year ago Citrix started with the NetScaler Tri-Scale method to scale up, in or out the Citrix NetScaler platform. Although this sounds great and gives you an option to pay-as-you-grow we all understand that we should take proper care for initial sizing. Doing so makes sure your users won’t be disappointed and plain simply pay less $$$.

Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway MPX

Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway MPX

My focus for this article is small to midrange sized Citrix NetScaler platforms up to the MPX 8600 6 Mbit/s. My experience is based on projects within the Netherlands and unfortunately for me this is as big as it gets. This doesn’t mean you can’t use the information when sizing larger platforms. This is also the reason why you will not find any information about clustering in this article.

This article is a follow up on two earlier articles mainly focused on the performance and sizing of a virtual (VPX) Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway, now called NetScaler Gateway.

How to maximize your virtual Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway performance

Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway VPX user scalability numbers explained

This leads to questions about why there is a difference in theoretical and practical numbers. I’m not Google and therefore can’t answer them all but I will try to answer some of them.

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Citrix XenMobile fills the gap on true Enterprise Mobility Management – Update

In the Enterprise Mobility Management playing field Citrix is betting big on Citrix XenMobile with new products, new editions and great integration. It’s clear that the EMM playing field is growing rapidly and according to Gartner it’s already on the nr 1 and 2 position of Strategic Technology trends for this year.

Gartner strategic technology trends

To understand the true value of the Citrix XenMobile Enterprise Mobility Management suite it’s important to know the definitions for the different kinds of Enterprise mobile solutions.

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