PVS or MCS – What to do?

This article has been updated with a 2013 revision.

Earlier this year Daniel Feller wrote a great blog article on how to choose between PVS or MCS . This article can be found here.

With the release of the XenServer Intellicache feature and Provisioning Services 6.0 the question is “Is the decision tree still valid”?

This is what I will try to answer in this article.

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Provisioning Services with a touch of Machine Creation Services

When Citrix launched XenDesktop 5  I was mostly wowed by all the new features and great consoles. Citrix did a great job in creating a true VDI platform instead of a XenApp spin off which wasn’t good enough for large VDI environments.

Among with XenDesktop 5 Citrix released a new feature called “Machine Creation Services” (MCS). MCS is a sort of lightweight alternative for Provisioning Services (PVS). To be completely honest I totally ignored the feature at first because of the negative IOPS and scalability impact but the last couple of weeks customers are asking about it.

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