Hyper-V R2 for VDI? Think again!

The reason for this article is to explain why I don’t like Hyper-V R2 in a production scenario especially for VDI. In a next article I will go into detail about why I think Hyper-V v3 is likely and hopefully going to proof me wrong!

The people I work with closely know I tend to hate Hyper-V R2 for production (VDI) scenario’s and I will start with explaining why. The short version is that you need to many components to manage the hypervisor which leads to technical issues.

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Departmental application with RES Automation Manager

When working in Enterprise or even multi tenancy environments we would still like to maintain a single image for our entire infrastructure. This will ensure a lower TCO and have a simple and easy to use platform to maintain. Departmental application with RES Automation Manager.

When we started working on our cloud desktop offering the “Qwise Nebula Worqspace” over a year ago we ran into issues with applications that don’t like App-V but were very keen on managing only one Provisioning Services image . As we were already working with RES Automation Manager the first thing to look at was the functionality offered by RES Automation Manager (AM) and we found a solution for this! I will tell you how and when this helps in this article!

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How to satisfy your Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop users?

Over the last few years we have worked with a lot of customers and partners who use(d) Citrix products like Citrix XenApp. Not all of them are, to say the least, “happy” with it. My article focuses on “how did that happen?”.

It all started some years ago with Presentation Server nowadays called Citrix XenApp. We have heard them all “Citrix XenApp is slow”, “Citrix XenApp is unstable”, Citrix XenApp is hard to use and one of the best “don’t virtualize your Citrix XenApp servers”.

I will not go in to details about all of the issues customers are experiencing because this article would end up as a book. What I want to focus on is the big picture.

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PVS or MCS – What to do?

This article has been updated with a 2013 revision.

Earlier this year Daniel Feller wrote a great blog article on how to choose between PVS or MCS . This article can be found here.

With the release of the XenServer Intellicache feature and Provisioning Services 6.0 the question is “Is the decision tree still valid”?

This is what I will try to answer in this article.

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